Adoption Process *Update*

What a whirlwind of a month!

Everyone that knows us knows that we Ashtons are always on the move.  We thrive on busy schedules, deadlines and constant commotion.  So it should be of no surprise to anyone that we completed our entire application process and home study within a month. Now that the insane deadlines have come and gone, we can finally sit down and share the process with you!

On April 10th, John and I met with Adoption Bridges of Kentuckiana. This meeting was a meet and greet with the agency and a chance for us to ask any questions about the agency or adoption in general.   We left with a huge folder filled with files, paperwork to be completed and information to guide us through the beginning of our adoption.  When I say huge, I mean overwhelmingly huge.  We sat there that night staring at this pile of paperwork and decided it was probably like a band-aid.  We just needed to rip it off quickly and get to work.

The following week we turned in our paperwork (you read that right… We slaved for hours every single night and day to complete all the required paperwork) This included, financial statements, medical records, physicals for us and our furbabies, background checks; on the city, county, state and federal level, agency contracts, numerous documentation to prove our identities, character references, CPR and First Aid certification and MORE. After they processed our application and we were accepted into the agency, they scheduled our home studies.

May 3rd was our first home study, followed by our final visit on May 10th.  This process was generally pretty easy.  Our social worker interviewed John and I together and separately and answered any questions we had thus far.  On her second visit, she inspected our home to make sure it was safe for an incoming child.

So whats next?

On May 31st, John and I are attending a fostering class to be certified as foster parents. We have already begun the pre-work for the class. We have to complete 24 hours of foster training to earn our certification. This certification will allow us to take the baby home from the hospital and act as its “foster parents” until we are able to finalize the adoption, which could take up to several months.  We are looking forward to this class for numerous reasons.  One is to get more information on the process of bringing our future baby home.  Another is to meet a network of prospective adoptive parents like us.

On the agenda of things to do in addition to the class are putting together an adoption book for birth mothers to view when deciding to choose their adoptive family and hours of reading.  We will be collecting pictures of family, friends and us to place in our adoption book.  If you have any pictures of us or any ideas of what to include, we’d love to hear your input!

We are nearing the end of our approval process, and soon we will be advanced to a wait list where we will be waiting eagerly to hear from a birth mother.  Please keep us in your thoughts and prayers!

With Love,

Kate and John





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