Yard Sale Fundraiser and Adoption Updates

I’m so excited that I get to sit down and update all of our friends and family on our latest adoption news. June and July have been very busy for John and I with family birthdays, work and planning our adoption yard sale.

This weekend we hosted an adoption fundraiser yard sale and asked our community to donate goods to be sold.  We were overwhelmed with the response we got!

So many of our friends and family donated to our efforts.   There was such a wide range of yard sale items that it took us nearly 3 hours to set up everything that had been donated- just to give you an idea of how many wonderful goods we received.

To date, this has been our most successful fundraiser.  We collected a little over $1,400 which put us SO close to finalizing our agencies fees.

We have raised nearly $20,000 in a few short months which brings us 5k shy of completing our savings for our agency fees.  With the addition of legal fees + the remaining 5,000 for our agency, we have a total of about $10,000-15,000 more to go.  What an accomplishment, made possible by everyone who donated their efforts, money and goods.

John and I are so grateful for the continued support, donations and prayers given to us from our community, friends and family!

With love,

Kate and John Resized_20170708_101745

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